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Otis Bottle Vendor 
Products used: 
Coca Cola 
Del Monte Orange Juice 
Devon Hills Water 
The OTIS400 is more than just another illuminated “shop window” for chilled bottles and cans. Once your selection has been made, an elevator delivery system will actually serve you with ice-cold drinks before your very eyes. And with 40 available selections of bottles and cans of just about any shape or size, your customers will literally be spoilt for choice in terms of water, still beverages, fizzy drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices. 
Unlike most bottle and can vendors, the OTIS 400’s relatively modest dimensions and modern unobtrusive styling are equally suited to office, factory and public site locations. 
The machine is designed to be the perfect partner for a hot beverage or snack machine and allows you to offer a fully integrated one-stop refreshment centre. 
Designed and created by it'seeze