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Westomatic Sigma 
The Sigma makes coffee that tastes  
like it was made by a barista. 
The Sigma is our premium free-standing bean to cup coffee machine. It makes fresh coffee that rivals the best the high street coffee houses have to offer, with a cafe style menu that includes: 
Full-bodied Macchiato and Mochaccino 
The punchiest Espresso or Double Espresso 
Smooth Café Au Lait 
Authentic Americano 
Frothy Cappuccino 
Freshly brewed leaf tea 
With adjustable strength, whitener and sugar on the multi-choice menu, customers can personalise their drink - even before it’s brewed! 
And when it’s served in a 12oz (300ml) paper cup with sip-lid, the Sigma offers consumers a quick and convenient coffee-shop experience ‘on the go’. 
Designed and created by it'seeze